The “Funeral Home”

Confirmation for the entrepreneur who creates value.


A Funeral Home is one of the most solid investments an entrepreneur can make. Those who choose to build one or adapt one are driven by a higher purpose than to simply compete on the market. In fact, the intent is most certainly to provide comfort and satisfy needs that have been ignored for too long, that is, to provide comfort, privacy, dignity, and a quick response when needed. Needs that once satisfied contribute not only to customer satisfaction.


How can the Funeral Home enable the entrepreneur to express himself and stand out clearly and distinctly in the area?


The entrepreneur can speak in almost absolute terms of “taking charge” of the mourner for the necessary time. The metamessage that is sent through this type of experience, very different from the simple setting up of a viewing area at home, is so simple, so extremely effective: “you can count on me”. This message prevents the phenomenon of “feeling abandoned”, one of the things that customers do not forgive, along with the perception that the funeral is more important than the deceased.


In essence, a Funeral Home provides quality standards that place the entrepreneur at levels well above the competition.


The entrepreneur who plans to use the Funeral Home as a simple “visitation room” without taking full advantage of the spaces will not only have a smaller return on investment but also risks not being able to keep up with the high quality services that can be provided by others.


In fact, when the standard of one area acquires greater value, the areas of reception, supplies, ceremony, and customer satisfaction must step up accordingly. Thus, the contact, sales, preparation, reception, visitation, and ceremony phases must all be aligned with the new standard for excellent service.

Advanced design

Support for design engineers and the entrepreneur himself to design and designate the use of the premises to maximize the return on investment of the funeral home by creating value, using the knowledge gained from experience (without excluding the possibility of market research on the specific geographical area).


  • Present the Funeral Home to the mourners
  • Use the Funeral Home for company marketing
  • Use the Funeral Home to promote a solid service (Presentation of company values, vision, mission).
  • Extraction, processing and sharing strategies
  • Development of customer loyalty systems (including self-evaluation)

Startup of a Funeral Home

  • Arrangement and identification of the sample materials (in the sales area) to allow the bereaved to select and plan the details of the service in the best possible way
  • Development of sales systems
  • Optimization of spaces according to local customs in order to maximize the acceptance of the service delivered il cliente che crei valore per l’imprenditore
  • Enhanced customer experience: through lights, sounds, smells, furnishings and service staff behaviour, tailored according to the characteristics of the Funeral Home and its location
  • Support for funeral personnel: how to behave, how to move, how to talk and how to sell
  • Staff training: having an excellent funeral home and not being able to manage the ceremony with due care (in line with the values of the company), risks seriously compromising the quality of the service provided
    • Verbal and para-verbal communication
    • Training to carry out the job properly including the use of appropriate gestures and body language
    • Periodic Followup (2 months)
  • Detection of inconsistencies
  • Correction
  • Improvement