About us

Apiemme Engineering is an architecture, engineering and design firm, with the resources to handle all aspects concerning the design and construction of building structures, from the preliminary stages to the delivery of turnkey solutions.

Since 2012, Apiemme Engineering has specialized in the design of Funeral Homes and similar facilities and, having started from its headquarters in Brescia, currently operates throughout Italy.

The strength of Apiemme Engineering is our ability to make a team of specialized professionals from each of the many design branches available to the client: from architectural design to interior design, from systems engineering to structural calculations, from acoustics to thermo-hydraulics, from the execution itself to the coordination and management of the works.

The advantages are obvious: every aspect of the design process is studied in detail and as a whole; at the same time, the client has a single point of contact for the entire project thereby maximizing efficiency, response times, and eliminating conflicts regarding responsibility which are common when multiple contractors are involved.

Our mission is to incorporate the values at the base of our ethical approach into everything we do: human relationships, quality, and respect for the environment.



Surveys and assessments

Building and urban planning pre-feasibility studies

Preliminary design

3D modelling and rendering

Definitive design

Filing of plans and applications for permits

Final design

Drafting of specifications and metric calculations

Drafting of tender contracts

Project Management



Final design of electrical systems

Final design of mechanical systems

Final design of plumbing and heating systems

Drafting of the necessary technical drawings

Drafting of technical reports concerning passive acoustic requirements

Preparation of the technical report pursuant to Law 10/91

Drafting of the APE (EPC – Energy Performance Certificate)


Fire systems


Interior Design

Final design of furnishings

Selection of materials and finishes

Lighting proposals


Furnishing supply